O woeful empty…

O woeful empty, thou gnawest away,
Ever long, yea, as I’ve breathed,
Thou vacuum of fear, thine impressive expanse,
O Meaningless empty, ravenous, of life bereaved.

Thine emptiness blinds,
Thine emptiness deafens,
Thine emptiness confines,
Thine power to lessen.

Battle doth rage, for the heart, for the mind,
The darkness of empty, wouldst own thee and thy kind,
But to empty of darkness, thine captor wouldst bind.
The undoing, unknowing, Grace surely thee wouldst find.

Unknowing sublime,
Unknowing beckons,
Unknowing finds,
Thine Power Perfection.

O Glorious Unknowing, come now healeth I pray,
Ever long, yea, have I run from Thee,
Thou fountain of faith, thine endless Grace,
O Unknowing, I beg Thee, come sanctify me.
(A New Song,  by Unlikely Wanderer)

Lord, Have Mercy…

Christ Have Mercy…

Lord Have Mercy…


One Comment Add yours

  1. AB says:

    But to empty of darkness…

    the turning…….turning to the light, filling……. full

    great song, AB


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