Will you bloom on my tomb…

One of the things I truly admire in Sr. Lee Hae-In’s poetry, is the way in which she speaks of beauty in the conversation she observes between The Creator and His creation. The poem below is beautiful beyond measure, humble, sweet and inspiring, an outpouring of a beautiful soul.  And she is a wanderer…I can relate.

“Balloon Flower”

How thin and beautiful is the summer dress you wear,
delighting me with your violet fragrance!
Soaked in cold dewdrops, you whisper so shyly.
As you gather innocent glances of love in your heart,
a round smile blooms on your silent lips.

Even if passing time leaves nothing
But tears to daunt my mind,
I wish to spend my whole life in prayer
as mild as your humble smiles.

How could you come so unexpectedly
from an unknown country so far away?
Some other day, will you bloom on my tomb
to recite a prayer or two for my wandering soul?

-Lee Hae-In (이해인)

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