Change is underway…

I have lost direction more than once with this blog.  And I’ve recently come to realize it is because its main purpose has been mostly achieved.  I set out to use this space as a means to think out loud and sort through the many conflicts I’ve happened upon in my spiritual life whilst traversing the anything-but-straight-and-narrow-path between my tumultuous Evangelical past and my Catholic awakening.  I am to be received, at long last, into the Holy Roman Catholic Church on Easter, which is only 4 days away as of the writing of this post. The ghosts have been expelled, questions answered, conflicts resolved and direction found!  As such, it has become increasingly difficult these past few months to write with any amount of relevancy.

Rather than quit altogether, it seems to me a good time to reevaluate what I might like to converse about.  So there you have it,  Glory to God!

I am making changes to the format, material, imagery, and the general overall focus and intent of the blog.   Thanks for your patience, please pardon the mess, and have a most blessed Holy Week!




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