Whilst clinging selfishly to the illusion…

How does one engage ones emptiness and sorrow, that horrifying aloneness, O Lord, without indulging in ones egotistical hunger for self pity? It seems to me that one may very well deplore the ego precisely because one is so weak and easily able to slide into that false, miry place…Where lies the path through the mire, Lord? One cannot give You the Glory which is Yours whilst clinging selfishly to the illusion of ones own. And yet, despite knowing this truth, one still makes the attempt! It is evil even in ones own feeble understanding! How utterly unworthy one is before You, O Lord God…But still, my God, despite me, in your unfathomable mercy, if you will to do so, I know you can help such a lowly one in such a lowly place. In fact, One believes you are the only one who can. Have mercy, O Lord, I pray…show your servant the way to abide, I pray through Christ our Lord.


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  1. AB says:

    Lifting you up before Him. Remember Proverbs 3:5.


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