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My name is Bill, a native of New England, who has lived abroad since 2011.  I’ve been quietly traveling the Christian faith for some years, but it wasn’t always so.  In fact for most of 44 years, my life has been excessively noisy, internally and externally.  And for better than half of my life, spent entirely without any religion or spirituality.  My journey into the Christian faith began, discernably, about 22 years ago.  After 5 or so years involvement in highly charismatic Pentacostal and Evangelical environments, I exited the church with great haste, disappointed, lost and bewildered.  I was utterly convinced that modern Christianity was a dead, meaningless, empty, pretentious, greedy circus sideshow.  Even so, faith was somehow kindled during those years and, amazingly, a realization of the presence of God which is very real, in contrast to the absurdity of the Christian faith I had learned about.  And so, I spent the better part of the next 15 years unchurched, sorting out what I really believe from what my earlier Christian years tried to make me believe.

And in very recent years, the faintly glowing flame of faith slowly has evolved into a serious hunger for stillness, solitude and a more historical and realistic, unsensational and less secularized Christian faith; a hunger which has led me to the doorstep of the Holy Catholic Church, the Apostolic faith of our fathers.  And as of Easter 2016, I am a Roman Catholic.

This has changed the original scope of this blog completely, as it was conceived as a sounding board and a place for me to think out loud as I learned and sorted through the many spiritual, historical and doctrinal conflicts I’ve happened upon.  “New wine should not be poured into old wineskins,” as our Master and Savior teaches us in the Gospel of St. Mark (Ch 2, Vr 22).  Changes are afoot, and I am deeply grateful to God for bringing me along, most of the way kicking, fighting and complaining.  He is faithful and merciful in ways that far surpass my understanding…

Should a reader feel so compelled, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc.  Just know that all comments will be strained, filtered and otherwise homogenized and all spam and/or trolling will be shoveled away to be used as fertilizer or some such fodder.  (That’s pretty much all its good for.)  Anyone wishing to contact me may do so using the contact form below.

Thanks for reading and God bless.


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